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How to Wash Dish Drying Mat - 4 Methods

How to Wash Dish Drying Mat

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An elegant person likes to keep his kitchen clean and tidy. A drying mat is on the wish list of an elegant person for drying dishes. A drying mat not only enhances the beauty of the kitchen but also helps in keeping the kitchen clean. However, proper cleaning of drying mats is essential to maintain a healthy environment. If the drying mat is not cleaned correctly, it can spread germs. So they should be cleaned as per requirement after a specified time.

 Different types of drying mats require different types of cleaning processes. That’s why you must have a sound knowledge about the material of your drying mats. Reading the manufacturer’s instructions is a better way to know about the material of your dish-drying mats. In this article, we will explore different types of drying mats and how to wash the dish drying mats.

Significance of Using a Dish-drying Mat

Sometimes, we ignore the importance of using a dish-drying mat. But using a dish-drying mat provides lots of benefits. Here are some benefits of using a dish-drying mat:


Dish-drying mats can easily absorb water. That helps to air dry your dishes quickly. If you use drying mats, it will prevent water spots and marks on your dishes.

Protect surfaces

Many people place wet dishes directly on countertops after washing them. This bad habit may damage the surface or leave behind unsightly water rings. A dish-drying mat protects the countertops by creating a barrier between your dishes and countertops. This helpful product keeps your kitchen surface clean and dry.

Provides non-slip surface

Your dishes may slide off the countertop or dish rack and break into pieces if the surface is slippery. You can reduce the risk by using a dish-drying mat. A dish-drying mat with a non-slip surface helps to keep dishes in place as they dry.

Easy to clean

You do not need to go through any hassle of washing the drying mats. You can easily wash them by hand or using a washing machine.

Saves space

You can roll up or fold away your dish-drying mats without using them. This will help you to save space and place other things.


One can also use the dish-drying mats to protect other surfaces in the kitchen, including underneath small appliances, or as a liner for drawers and cabinets.

Helps to maintain hygiene

Using a dish-drying mat is not only convenient but also helps to maintain kitchen hygiene. The dish-drying mat also brings a fantastic look to your kitchen.

Types of Drying Mats

A variety of drying mats are available in the market. Some mats are made of silicone or rubber, while some mats are made of other materials. A list of different types of drying mats is as follows based on the material.

  1. Microfiber Drying Mat
  2. Silicone Drying Mat
  3. Bamboo Drying Mat
  4. Cotton Drying Mat
  5. Polyester Drying Mat
  6. Foam Drying Mat
  7. Rubber Drying Mat
  8. Nylon Drying Mat

4 Guidelines for Cleaning the Dish Drying Mats

Using a dish-drying mat will save your kitchen countertops from water damage. Drying mats often get dirty or get stained by using them for drying dishes. So, these drying mats need to be appropriately cleaned and disinfected. You can hand wash or machine wash the drying mats. However, it is also important to sanitize them. You can follow the guidelines given below for washing the dish-drying mats properly.

1. Hand Washing Method

You can easily hand wash the mats that are suitable for hand washing. For hand washing, you must first fill the basin or sink with warm water. Then, add some mild detergent to the water. Dip the mat in the detergent solution. Then, scrub lightly with a sponge or soft brush. Scrub the stained area well, using a little extra detergent if needed. Now rinse the mat thoroughly with water so that no soap scum remains.

You can follow this process for washing silicone mats, rubber dish drying mats, cloth drying mats, or microfiber mats. However, it is safe to read the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Machine Washing Method

Some drying mats are machine washable, and some are not. If your dish drying mat is machine washable, then you can follow this procedure. Put drying mats of the same color and material together in the washing machine. Use a gentle cycle and cold water to maintain the quality of fiber and texture of the mat. Do not use bleach or harsh detergents, which may damage the mat’s color and fibers. When washing is complete, remove the mats and dry them thoroughly.

You can wash your silicone mats in the washing machine. If your drying mats are made of other materials, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to see whether they are machine washable.

3. Sanitizing

Your dishes should be regularly sanitized to disinfect them. Use water and white vinegar to disinfect and deodorize your mats. Dip the mats in this mixture for some time. Then rinse well with water and dry thoroughly. If you want, you can also add some vinegar to the water and detergent mixture when washing the mats.

4. Regular Maintenance

If you want to use your dishwashing mats for long, you must take care of them properly. If dirt or stains fall on the mats during use, you can wipe them with a wet cloth. Never fold mats when they are wet. Folding while they are wet can cause mold. Use two mats alternately and dry the other between uses.

Now, know about the material of your dish-drying mats and choose your convenient washing method from the above-discussed methods. Maintain a healthy kitchen.

Check the Manufacturer's Instructions

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions before starting to clean the drying mats. Different drying mats are made of different materials like silicone, rubber, cotton, microfiber, etc. Therefore, their cleaning methods are sometimes different. So, before cleaning your dish-drying mats, follow the instructions to protect your drying mats from damage.