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How To Use Electric Knife Sharpener - Step by step guide

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Everybody uses knives more or less in their daily culinary tasks. When it comes to sharpening the knives, they get tense. Many use a traditional knife sharpening system, but it requires more time and effort. However, using an electric knife sharpener is an intelligent option for them. An electric knife sharpener adds speed to the knife sharpening task and saves time and energy. Due to a lack of knowledge of electric knife sharpening methods, they hesitate to use an electric knife sharpener. To remove all the hesitation and fear, we will share how to use an electric knife sharpener in this article. Forget your fear and hesitation, avail the blessings of the electric knife sharpener, and lead an intelligent life.

Why should We Use an Electric Knife Sharpener

Why should We Use an Electric Knife Sharpener

In this busy world, everyone wants to save time and simplify their work. An electric knife sharpener has several benefits and reasons for using it. Some reasons are mentioned here:

Ease of Use

As an electric knife sharpener is user-friendly, You can sharpen your knives with minimal skill or effort. A home cook can put it as her first choice for sharpening knives if she needs more time or expertise for manual sharpening techniques.


It’s easy to maintain a consistent angle while using an electric knife sharpener. An electric knife sharpener often has angle presets that ensure a consistent sharpening angle. However, in the manual sharpening process, it isn’t easy to maintain a consistent angle.


If you sharpen your knives manually, it takes more time than electric sharpening. But you are sharpening through an electric sharpener that speeds up your work.

Ensure Safety

When you sharpen the knives with traditional tools like Wheatstone, sandpaper, honing rod, etc., there is a risk of an accident. However, an electric knife sharpener can reduce the safety risk. You can find an electric knife sharpener with non-slip feet and guards to protect fingers from accidental cuts.


You can sharpen different types of knives using an electric knife sharpener, such as in the kitchen, for hunting, serrating, etc. So, you are getting the solution of sharpening many tools in one sharpener.


Regular sharpening with an electric sharpener helps to maintain the sharpness of the knives and prevent damage. An electric knife sharpener also works to ensure the knives’ longevity.

Guidelines for using electric knife sharpener

Guidelines for using electric knife sharpener

An electric knife sharpener is as easy and convenient as any other electric product. However, the method of an electric knife sharpener may vary from other electric knife sharpeners depending on the

 Features and structure. That’s why one should have a sound knowledge of the manufacturer’s instructions about one’s specific knife sharpener. Some general steps you should follow while using an electric knife sharpener are discussed here.

1. Read the Manual

Different models of knife sharpeners are available in the market, and their features are different. You should read the user’s manual of your specific knife sharpener model because the instructions will help you use your knife sharpener properly and avoid mistakes.

2. Prepare the Sharpener

One of the basic steps is placing your electric knife sharpener on a stable and flat surface with the nearest power outlet. Ensure there is enough space around your knife sharpener. When you sharpen your knives, a space is required for maneuvering them.

3. Adjust Settings if Applicable

An electric knife sharpener may have adjustable settings for different blade angles or levels of sharpness. You have to set the sharpener to the appropriate settings according to the type of your knife and your desired sharpness level.

4. Cleaning the Knife

Your knives may have debris or residue. So, clean the knives and make them free from debris and residue before sharpening. It is better to wipe it with a damp cloth after cleaning.

5. Insert the Knife

You will find slots or guides in your knife sharpener for inserting your knife. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to insert your knife correctly.

6. Switch on The Sharpener

Now, you must plug in the electric knife sharpener and switch it on. Some electric knife sharpeners may start automatically after being plugged in, while some electric knife sharpeners include a power button or switch.

7. Run the Knife

Hold the knife grip comfortably. Then, slowly draw the knife blade through the sharpening slot or guide. You should follow the recommended number of passes according to the user manual. For proper sharpening, it’s crucial to maintain a consistent angle.

8. Repeat for the Other Side

An electric knife sharpener may have multiple slots for different stages of sharpening. You can repeat the process for the other side of the knife.

9. Test the Sharpness

After sharpening your knife, test the sharpness of your knife. If It is sharp enough, that means you have sharpened it perfectly. You can test the knife’s sharpness by slicing a tomato or a piece of paper.

10. Clean and Store the Sharpener

After finishing sharpening your knives, you need to unplug the sharpener. Then, clean the sharpener according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Store the sharpener in a clean and safe place, away from moisture and debris.

Maintenance of an electric knife sharpener

Maintenance of an electric knife sharpener

If you want to use an electric knife sharpener for a long time, you must know its proper maintenance. Here are some general tips for maintaining an electric knife sharpener.


You have to clean the knife sharpener after each use for its longevity. After finishing sharpening, carefully unplug the sharpener. Now, take a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior. Remove any metal shavings or debris that may have attached inside the sharpener.

Make Empty the Residue

Some electric sharpeners come with a tray or compartment to collect metal shavings and debris. It would help if you emptied this tray regularly; otherwise, this may affect the sharpener’s performance.

Inspecting Abrasive Wheels

You should check the abrasive wheels for signs of wear and tear. If they seem dull or worn down, You have to replace them. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions for replacing the wheels.

Use Proper Technique

One should follow the manufacturer’s instructions and suggested techniques while sharpening knives with an electric knife sharpener. If you do not follow proper techniques, it may damage the knife or the sharpener.

Store Properly

When not using the sharpener, store the sharpener in a dry and safe place. Do not expose it to extreme temperatures or moisture.

By following the above guidelines and maintenance methods, you can enjoy easy knife sharpening and enhance the longevity of both your knives and electric sharpeners.