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The 9 Best Professional Electric Knife Sharpeners of 2024

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

If you are a chef or love to cook different food items at home, this article is for you. People with a passion for cooking often have a collection of cookware items. A set of knives is one of those. A good knife helps you to cut your vegetables, fruits, fish or other food items smoothly and properly. But after using them for a long time, these favourite knives lose their sharpness and become blunt. 

To bring the lost sharpness of your knives and make them efficient, a good electric knife sharpener may be a game changer for you. Your favourite knives will not lose their efficiency and glory at all. In this article, we will talk about the ten best professional electric knife sharpeners for kitchen knives and their benefits.

The best knife sharpener makes your cooking enjoyable. A sharp knife gives you the best experience cutting food items in the right shapes. It is also necessary to cut your vegetables in appropriate shapes to bring the right taste to your cooking. Here, you can find the best knife sharpener for caring for your favorite knives by exploring the following items. So, let’s get started.

1. Chef'sChoice Hybrid Knife Diamond Abrasives Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Are you tired of using your blunt or rough knives? If you want your knives to look like new ones, this chef’s choice hybrid knife diamond abrasives may be your best instrument. A knife set is an essential item for doing our regular culinary tasks. A food lover uses different types of knives to prepare other foods. It is very sad when this everyday helping tool gets rusty or out of order.

This friendly electric sharpener can remove tension and make your favourite knife set keen and glossy. This also includes a manual feature for you. No matter whether your knives are rough, serrated, or blunt, This amazing sharpener will give your knives a smooth look. This product comes with three different facets in white colour. You will find this at a reasonable price.

Dimensions: 8.8″L x 3.3″W x 3.7″H | Weight: 2.7 Pounds |  Material: Stainless Steel | Color: White | Grit Type: Fine

2. Presto 2-Stage System Electric Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

It is irritating when cutting vegetables such as tomatoes or carrots, but your knife is not working well. Cutting vegetables with a dull knife is difficult and spoils the vegetable’s shape. Though we often face these problems, we hesitate to use an electric sharpener to sharpen our knives. It doesn’t seem easy to use an electric knife sharpener if we do not know how to use it.

But this presto 08800 ever-sharp electric knife sharpener will remove all your hesitations and tensions regarding sharpening your knives. It is easy and easy to use. If you read the instructions correctly, we will understand everything easily. It will give you an effective result not only for kitchen knives but also for sports knives. Also it comes in a black appearance with a two-stage sharpening system. It is perfect for getting a razor-sharp edge.

Dimensions: 9.9″L x 7.2″W x 4.8″H | Weight: 3 Pounds |  Material: Plastic | Color: black | Grit Type: Fine

3. VIDOME Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Let’s talk about a magical life sharpener with great quality. If you lead a busy lifestyle and do not have much time to sharpen your knives manually, this electric knife sharpener is suitable for you. You can easily use it like any other electric product by switching on or off. It saves your time and sharpens your knives within a few seconds.

We use different types of knives for other purposes, such as cutting fruits or vegetables, chopping meat, etc. It does not matter if your knives are made of steel or ceramic, this sharpener will help to get back the lost glory of your knives. You will find three stages in this amazing sharpener. You can sharpen and hone the edges by using the first two stages. The last stage will help you to polish the blade. This sharpener comes in a noble blue and noble gold color. So, sharpen your bold knives to razor-sharp edges.

Dimensions: 11.2″L x 3.8″W x 3.8″H | Weight: 2.7 Pounds |  Material: steel | Color: Noble Blue & Noble Gold | Grit Type: Coarse

4. Work Sharp Electric Culinary E2 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

This knife sharpener works as a curator of your knives. It comes in black with a plastic material. You can hone all your kitchen knives, even your scissors, and cleaver knives, through this electric sharpener. This electric sharpener is sustainable. So you do not need to be worried about its longevity. 

Its honing wheel will give a different look to your blunt knives and make them more efficient than before. You will love the size of this electric sharpener. The size and shape of this electric sharpener are small and cute. Due to its small size, it fits anywhere in the kitchen. The price of this helpful product is also within your reach.

Dimensions: 5.75″L x 4.25″W x 4.25″H | Weight: 1.5 Pounds |  Material: Plastic | Color: Black | Grit Type: Fine

5. Work Sharp MK2 Professional Electric Knife and Tool Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Are you looking for a sharpener which will sharpen not only your kitchen knives but also your tools? If so, this knife and tool sharpener is perfect for you. This sharpener is black, providing coarse, medium, and fine grit. 

The amazing feature of this sharpener is its speed control quality. You can control the speed of this sharpener according to your needs. You can sharpen the full length of your knives or tool blades by using this product. There is no hassle to use it. Now, forget your tensions for bold knives or tools. Bring the lost quality and shine of your favourite knives by using this sharpener.

Dimensions: 7.02″L x 2.26″W x 1.27″H | Weight: 1.12 Ounces |  Material: Plastic | Color: Black | Grit Type: Coarse, Fine, Medium

6. Chef'sChoice 312 UltraHone Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

If you love to collect different types of cookware items, and a knife set is one of them, then you must have a knife sharpener. Besides buying different kinds of knives, it is also important to take proper care of these knives. 

We often use different types of knives for our culinary tasks. Due to using them for a long time, these knives become dull and blunt. It is sad when our amazing knives become out of order. This 312 ultra hone electric knife sharpener may be your good choice to take proper care and sharpen your knives. It comes with a beautiful appearance in white colour and a steel material.  

You will love its performance, including a two-stage sharpening system. If your knives are serrated, this knife sharpener may work like a magic wand. You can easily use it and get the best result in a minimum time.

Dimensions: 11.81″L x 3.94″W x 4.25″H | Weight: 4 Pounds |  Material: Stainless Steel | Color: White | Grit Type: Fine

7. Chef'sChoice 15XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Let’s talk about a smart knife sharpener with fine grit. This knife sharpener provides amazing results through its three sharpening, honing and polishing stages. This gray colour sharpener is also effective for sharpening serrated knives.

If you want to sharpen your old knives almost within a minute, this sharpener may be a game changer for you. This sharpener will bring the lost efficiency of your knives and make your culinary taks easy. Your knives will give you the desired performance while cutting vegetables, fruits, and other cooking items. Following the instructions, use this sharpener and get the lost glory of your favourite knives.

Dimensions: 10″L x 4.25″W x 4.25″H | Weight: 4.2 Pounds |  Material: steel | Color: Gray | Grit Type: Fine

8. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

It’s a tale of getting the best result for sharpening your favourite knives at home. This Presto 08810 electric knife sharpener will give you the best experience while sharpening your knives through its quality. This eclectic sharpener works perfectly with its three-stage sharpening system. Its amazing feature is its blade selection options, such as thin, medium, or thick. 

It does not matter if you have normal kitchen knives, chef’s knives, or hunting knives; this knife sharpener will change the look of those knives through its perfect sharpening system. The amazing fact is the price of this magical product is not high at all.

Dimensions: 18.43″L x 11.25″W x 2.18″H | Weight: 5.1 Pounds |  Material: Plastic | Color: Gray & Black | Grit Type: Light, Medium, Fine

9. Narcissus Professional 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

This professional two-stage electric knife sharpener comes in silver colour with a stylish look.

Besides its eye-soothing appearance, it is also efficient in sharpening your knives with a fine grit. You can also use this knife sharpener to sharpen your scissors, as this sharpener includes a scissors slot at the side. 

Before using the product one should watch the instructions video to use it properly. It offers a refund or replacement service for 12 months if you find any problems regarding quality. It is amazing.

Now it is easy to nourish your favorite knives or tools and make them long-lasting using these helpful electric knife sharpeners. Do not damage your knives without sharpening them. Make your old knives keen and usable again, and make your vegetable cutting smooth.

Dimensions: 8.6″L x 2.6″W x 2.9″H | Weight: 1.6 Pounds |  Material: Stainless Steel | Color: Silver | Grit Type: Fine

Benefits of using an electric knife sharpener

Sharpen your knives in the best way

A professional electric knife sharpener will provide you with the best result. You will get a sharp and efficient knife easily using this sharpener.

Saves time

An electric knife sharpener can sharpen your old blunt knife within a minimum time. Whereas traditionally sharpening an old knife requires more time.

Reduce your hassle

When you manually sharpen your knives, it requires more time, energy, and effort. At the same time, an electric knife sharpener reduces your hassle with its advanced service.